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Frequently Asked Questions

We thought we’d answer some of the questions you might have here in case you’re thinking the same things.
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Q. What is TheJobWorx?

A. TheJobWorx is your own personal job search organizer. You’ll see every job opportunity you find in one place, store original ad text, CVs and cover letters, record deadlines, plan follow up activities, add contacts, and get to-do lists, so you get maximum benefit for the time you invest in your job search.

Even if the job opportunity is offline or unadvertised, you can track it and plan what to do, to be the winning candidate.

Q. How can TheJobWorx help me?

A. A job application sent into the back holes of most online job boards and job application systems does nothing to help you be the successful candidate. Every job advertised has a hiring manager somewhere in the background. At the very least, there will be an agent.

The key to increasing your chances is to follow up on every opportunity and drive your job application to the top of the recruiter’s pile. TheJobWorx gives you the tools to organize your activities and record what actions you need to take, with whom, and when, allowing you to do your homework for every application, record the results and act upon the information you’ve gained.

Q. What does it cost?

A. Nothing. It’s absolutely free. So sign up today.

Q. Why should I use it?

A. Looking for work isn’t easy. It’s a job in itself. So like every job, you stand a better chance of achieving your goals by being organised and efficient.
Firing an application off into a black hole (which is what most internet applications make you do nowadays) is never going to give you the chance to stand out from other applicants.
Job hunters need to take control of their applications and follow up every submission to ensure the hiring manager or agent has a reason to lift your CV from the pile and read it.
Following up your job opportunities is hard work, especially if you have a few out there that you need to monitor. TheJobWorx lets you manage them with ease, giving you the tools to plan your actions and make best use of your time when you submit and follow up your applications.
If it’s been a while since you spoke to a hiring manager or agent; no problem – if you noted the outcomes of your previous conversations in your dashboard, you have all the information at your fingertips to pick up the conversation again.
Sometimes agents or executive search consultants will be very particular about being the only ones who submit your CV to a client company. By entering your opportunities into your dashboard, you can see who you’ve allowed to communicate on your behalf and with which companies.
The question really is: why wouldn’t you use it?

Q. Can I manage offline job opportunities?

A. YES! Absolutely.
One of the major benefits of using the TheJobWorx is its independence. The site is not dependent on any other site, or linked to any job boards or agencies. A stand-alone system like this allows you to be fully in control of what opportunities or applications you put into it. This means that it’s perfect for offline opportunities. If you’ve heard that a company might be recruiting, or if you’re out handing CVs in to companies near you, TheJobWorx lets you record everywhere you’ve left a CV or made an enquiry, so you can follow up in the future.

Q. Is the TheJobWorx an independent site?

A. YES! Absolutely.
One of the major benefits of using the TheJobWorx is our independence. The site is not dependent on any other site, or linked to any job boards or agencies. A stand-alone system like this allows you to be fully in control of what opportunities or applications you put into it.

Q. Can I search for jobs on TheJobWorx?

A. Not yet. We have included some links to some great sites where you can find job adverts, in both the United Kingdom and North America.

We’re constantly developing the site, so keep coming back as we are actively looking at having a search facility available soon.

Q. Can I get support if I need it?

A. Yes. If you need help in getting the most from the site, take a look at our case studies and help pages to see how you can use the site to further your chances of getting the job you’re after. If you need technical support, contact us at and we’ll get a specialist to assist you. We aim to respond to technical support queries within 24 hours.

Q. How does it work?

A. As with all great ideas, it’s simple. TheJobWorx revolves around a database, allowing you to enter and retrieve information. It’s all securely linked to your login and so no one else can see your info. You enter opportunities – they might be applications or even pieces of intelligence you’ve heard - and record different pieces of information against each opportunity, like who it’s with, what the job is, where you saw the ad, deadlines, contact names and things you need to do to follow up.
From your own personal dashboard, you can see every opportunity you’ve entered in one place. The database is configured to let you know when significant dates are looming and to give you to-do lists of the actions you set yourself for each opportunity.

Q. Can I add job information automatically?

A. Not yet… To maintain the independence of TheJobWorx, we’ve not integrated the system with any other sites. You can easily copy and paste info from other sources where you need to but we’ve built the database to minimise the amount of typing you’ll need to do when entering your info.
Having information entered automatically can sometimes remove the thought process involved in figuring out what you need to do, so for the time being we think the system gives you a nice balance between being a useful tool and allowing you to think for yourself.
We’re looking at how we can bring automation to the site without challenging the independence, so keep a look out for future developments in this area.