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Help - Adding Cover Letter

If you’ve reached the stage of applying for an opportunity, you’ll no doubt be using a cover letter. It’s usually a good idea to do this as it’s a great way of giving the recruiter some more information about you and helps demonstrate your ability to communicate as well as showing your understanding of the role.

In TheJobWorx, you can attach a cover letter to each opportunity. Since cover letters have the recruiter’s name and address on them, along with the date and the title / reference of the job you’re applying for, no two cover letters will ever be completely the same. That’s why you have one for every opportunity.

To upload and attach a cover letter for your opportunity:

  1. Make sure your cover letter is written and ready to use, and that you know where it is stored on your computer.
  2. Go to your Dashboard.
  3. dashboard button
  4. Click on the opportunity you want to attach the cover letter to.
  5. Click Attach Cover Letter.
  6. attach cover letter button
    The button expands to show a Browse... button.

  7. Click Browse…
  8. Find the cover letter on your computer and click OK.
  9. Click Attach.
  10. The cover letter is uploaded and attached to your opportunity.
  11. To view your cover letter, just click on the link shown in the Main Information section of the opportunity details, and the document will open.
Download as a PDF