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How It Works

TheJobWorx uses a cleverly linked database to allow you to record your job opportunities and keep them updated as you progress in your job seeking journey.

The system allows you to record a list of contacts you encounter along the way and to set yourself tasks with target dates.

Because opportunities can be complex and you’ll need to set out your approach for each one to suit the specific opportunity, you can link multiple tasks and multiple contacts to every opportunity.

TheJobworx opportunity, tasks and contacts

You can also link tasks and contacts, with as many tasks being linked to a contact as you need, and vice versa.

Opportunities are managed from your dashboard.

TheJobworx opportunity, tasks and contacts

Clicking on your opportunity shows you the details you’ve recorded and offers you the chance to update it, as well as adding or associating contacts and tasks to it.

TheJobworx opportunity information for a specific opportunity.

As you proceed in your job searching journey, you can get information using the Reports tab, including To-Do lists to help you make the most of your time and an activity report which could be useful for any benefit claim you might be making.

TheJobworx available reports

The tasks, contacts and CVs you’ve entered are displayed in the same way as your dashboard and you can click on each to update the details in the same way.

You can also take a look at our FAQs.

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