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The Modern Job Market: Changed Days Indeed

The Modern Job Market: Changed Days Indeed

The modern world of work and careers is a very different place to that known by previous generations. The days of long term employment security, continual promotion within the same company and unswerving loyalty from both employer and employee have long gone. Where a career-minded individual may have been inclined to find the best company to work for in the past and carve out their whole career with that one organisation, nowadays much less loyalty is shown by both employers and employees, making second and third careers much more common. In fact, most people can now expect to have as many as three main and distinct careers in their working life, as opposed to the single career of old.

While loyalty may appear to have taken a knock over the years, the values of dedication, trust, sacrifice and good old hard work are as important as ever. This is after all, what makes a company's bottom line grow and therefore what will make you appeal to an employer. As a result, your jobhunting and career planning needs to have an edge of self-interest. There's no need for it to be overt and obvious, but at every point in the job hunt, you need to consider your overall career plan and how each position on offer will contribute to your career.

This level of forward planning, while not necessarily part of the traditional method of job hunting, is needed because whatever job hunt you're involved in, it will likely not be your last. Your own acceptance of this as a fact is important in the modern job market if you are to succeed. There is no single magic formula to finding a job, but for the job hunter who is committed and employs a structured, systematic approach, the chances of finding the right job are greatly increased.

Sometimes the market will favour job hunters, with lots of jobs and low levels of competition, while at other times the job market will favour the recruiting company, giving them a large population to choose from. So do your homework on the job market as well as the jobs that are out there. Make sure you understand the recruitment process from both sides, the candidate's and the hiring manager's, and you'll be in a better position to hunt with success.

Article Added: 12/05/2014

Posted By: Paul Docherty