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Are Most Jobs Really Never Advertised?

Are Most Jobs Really Never Advertised?

Did you realise that only a small proportion of the job vacancies out there are actually advertised? Some believe as few as 30% of roles are advertised. If you didn't know this, then you're not alone. Most job seekers don't realise it, but understanding why this is the case, and how to stop it hindering your job search could see the number of opportunities open to you increase considerably.

So why are most jobs never advertised?
There are many different reasons. Many companies will prefer to look internally to fill a post before they look outside and so an immediate requirement may exist in a particular company but they won't necessarily have taken the decision to advertise it while they consider who they have, existing capabilities and what their succession planning looks like.

Other companies maintain lists of previous applicants, people who have contacted them speculatively or may have worked with them and impressed in the past. For some recruiters, this might be the first line of enquiry.

Direct approaches are popular in some sectors, particularly for professional roles. Very occasionally, a company will know who they want and will approach the person directly or hire an agency to do so.

Another consideration may simply be the cost of advertising and recruiting. It's common for firms to consciously choose not to use agencies or subcontractors for some activities on cost grounds. Recruitment can easily fall into this category. If a company is regularly receiving employment enquiries they may not see the need to advertise, knowing that a suitable candidate is likely to approach them instead. This can often be the case with small businesses, located in a community where they are well-known and can tap into a particular mix of skills.

The simple truth is that in times when work is scarce and many people are applying for each post available, the need to advertise is not as great, meaning the 'hidden job market' accounts for a larger proportion of the jobs available.

The first step in making sure the unadvertised job market doesn't derail your hunt is in understanding that it's there and why it exists. Once you know and appreciate this, you can alter your approach to job searching to try and open up some of these opportunities.

We'll look at some ways of doing this in a future article, so keep checking back.

Article Added: 21/08/2014

Posted By: Paul Docherty