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Job Interview Questions: What Do You Know About Our Company?

Job Interview Questions: What Do You Know About Our Company?

For anyone who has done basic homework before a job interview, this question should be a gift and a great opportunity for you to demonstrate that you've come prepared.

Doing your homework on a company goes beyond just reading the website though and forms an important part of your overall job search. It's especially important for job interviews. There are a few vital things that you'll want to find out about like culture, market reputation, and products or services. This not only helps you answer the job interview question, but also to decide if this really is the company for you.

Corporate culture can be a tricky subject to get information on. Look at your own network of friends, family, work colleagues and former colleagues to see who might be able to tell you a bit more about the company. Has someone worked there? Do they know people who do? If the company has a presence in the local area, what can you find out by just asking around?

If you're dealing with a professional recruitment agent, ask them for some information about the employment culture. It's likely they'll have had quite a few conversations with the hiring manager and should be able to tell you more based on what they've learned through the recruitment process. They also often work with companies over long periods of time and so might even have direct experience.

Doing your homework on products and services is just as important. If the company is well-known in the consumer marketplace, you may already be familiar with their products. Again, a website is a good place to start, but move further afield and find out what people are saying about the company and products. If, however, the company is in a less well-known industry sector, you might need to look a bit deeper to see what they do. Look for their competitors and find out what differentiates the company you're talking to from the rest of their market. Who or what is their market? Knowing who the company targets as customers could be very beneficial, especially if you're looking to work in sales or any customer-facing role.

Being able to demonstrate that you've prepared well for a job interview can be hugely positive. It could be the thing that makes you stand out from the other candidates, many of whom may not have seen the value in being prepared for such a gift of a question.

Article Added: 17/12/2014

Posted By: Paul Docherty