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Five Tips for Making Progress in the Hidden Jobs Market

Five Tips for Making Progress in the Hidden Jobs Market

We've heard before that as much as 70% of the available jobs out there are unadvertised, and some sources believe it's higher than that. It's imprtant then that you can ake some headway in the hidden jobs market, so here's a few tips to help you along. Why not visit TheJobWorx on Facebook and share your experiences about what works for you and what doesn't.

Use your network
It's a fact that many hiring managers wil fill a vacancy with someone they know, have worked with before or who was recommended by a friend or existing employee. Your network is the key to unlocking these vacancies. Let people know that you're looking for a job. Tell them what kind of job you need and talk to them about who they know in companies you might be targeting.
Your personal network isn't just friends and family, although these could very well be your most powerful advocates. Your network is everyone you ever worked with in the past, anyone you had contact with and built up rapport with. They could be people who were your clients, they could even have been your competitors before, if you worked in a sector where you had contact with such companies.
Just as people mention the importance of location, location, location, you can be sure the mantra for getting ahead in the hidden jobs market is network, network, network.

Expand you network
Set yourself a goal of meeting new people every week. Even if you can't meet them in person, the internet provides an abundance of opportunities to link to people in your line of work or with similar expertise. Making contact and creating a dialogue with others can open doors you didn't know were there. You never know, the person you contact tomorrow could be looking for somone just like you, or they might be in contact with someone who is.

Approach the companies you want to work with directly.
Just as you'll know what kind of role you're suited, so too you can figure out what companies these roles are likely to be needed in, allowing you to target companies directly that you want to work with.
Look at your local area and figure out who the employers in your sector are. Think about other companies that might need your skills - they may not be in the sectors you expect - and get some contact information for their HR or recruitment teams.
Contact them directly, letting them know that you have skills and experience they could use. While they may not have vacancies right away, most companies will keep the details of candidates who've impressed them and you never know when the phone may ring.

Tailor your communications.
When you approach a company directly, make sure you tailor your communication. Use language that they'll understand and highlight your skills and experience that are relevant to the type of people they'll be looking for. There's obviously quite a bit of homework involved in doing this. You'll have to research the company, ask around and read about what they do, what sectors they operate in and what's going on in their business just now.

Have a clear understanding of your own skills
Knowing who you are, where your strengths lie and where you can bring value to an employer's organisation is hugely important if you want to get anywhere in the hidden jobs market.
With a clear understanding of your own skills, you'll have a clearer view of the jobs that will suit you and what employers you might be suited to, allowing you to home in on potential employers and target them with laser-precise tailored communications to increase the chances that they'll take note and call you back before anyone else.

Article Added: 18/02/2015

Posted By: Paul Docherty