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Remember the Little Things: What Does Your Email Address Say About You?

Remember the Little Things: What Does Your Email Address Say About You?

When you get into a serious job search, it's easy to forget that you need to check all sorts of things that wouldn't normally occur to you. One of these small but important things could be your email address.

It's imperative that you come across as professional at all times and sometimes our email addresses can let us down. Most people nowadays have more than one email address and sometimes we'll have an address with a nickname or a joke term that we use with friends, but it's easy to forget when we rarely consider our own address, that these might not be giving the best impression to a prospective employer when searching for a job.

Look at your own email address and decide if it's professional enough to use in your job search. If you're not sure, or if your address doesn't use your name (sometimes people use random letters or numbers), think about whether you should register a new email address using your name, and use it just for your job search.

You can use this new address to send and receive email applications and to register with agencies and job sites, secure in the knowledge that when an employer sees it, you'll give the right impression and your friends and family can still contact you on your other addresses.

Remember - little things can make a big difference.

Article Added: 07/03/2015

Posted By: Paul Docherty