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Have You Proofread Your CV?

Have You Proofread Your CV?

Getting your CV into shape can be a challenging task. Best practice is to tune your CV for each individual application to ensure you use the language of the job advertisement, highlighting the skills and experience being requested, but this means that you're constantly changing your CV. When you change your CV a lot, there's every chance that errors will creep in: things like grammar problems, spelling mistakes or missing words.

As a result, it's imperative that you check your CV before sending it. This process is called proofreading. When you proofread, you're looking for mistakes that you may not have noticed when you were writing the sections initially. It's important that you do this because sending a CV with mistakes in it to a prospective employer sends a poor message to the hiring manager. It says that you didn't take the time to check your work and, rightly or wrongly, the hiring manager may take this as an indication of the standard of work they can expect from you if they hire you.

Before you proofread your CV, put it aside for a while - preferrably at least a few hours if you can. Go and do something else so that you 'forget' what you've written. Proofreading your CV too soon after writing it will likely cause you to miss some mistakes. When the memory of writing each section is fresh, your mind tends to recall what you believe you wrote, rather than what is actually written on the page.

Take your time and read through every word. If you're not sure about spelling, consult a dictionary.

If you have someone with you, ask them to look over your CV - two sets of eyes are always better than one. If you're on your own, try reading sentences, bullet points or paragraphs out loud. You'll be amazed how it helps you find those phrases that just don't sound right and you can correct them.

Weeding out mistakes is all part of putting together a professional CV. Checking your CV and correcting the mistakes you find will ensure your CV is as professional as you can make it allowing you to send it to a hiring manager with confidence.

Article Added: 07/05/2015

Posted By: Paul Docherty