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Recognising Your Own Transferable Skills

Recognising Your Own Transferable Skills

You'll have heard the term 'transferable skills' a few times in your job hunt no doubt, but have you stopped to figure out what your own transferable skills might be?

Many roles require similar skills, like managing time, being organised, and communicating effectively, but it's easy to forget this when you're focusing on technical skills or knowledge for a particular industry sector or role. Being aware of your own transferable skills will help you highlight where you can offer value to a new job, and not just in the technical knowledge and experience you bring. It's more and more common now for hiring managers to take note of transferable skills, knowing that for some roles, finding an employee with rounded experience can be more important. The specifics of many roles can be picked up on the job and some employers prefer to know they have a person with a collection of useful skills.

Many of the job titles you might have had in your career will not describe the role in any great detail, so when you want to identify your transferable skills, it's important not to focus solely on the objectives of previous roles but on the skills you may have had to use to get the jobs done. For example, maybe you worked as an assistant in a retail store. While things like customer care and retail presentation would have been important skills for the role, so would the ability to learn and use electronic point of sale equipment, or being able to handle numbers in your head when discounting stock. Such skills can be useful in any job and so you can consider these to be transferable skills.

Look also at what you do outside of work. A great many people have voluntary or community roles and develop skills that they never think will be useful in the workplace. Again, as an example, if you help with a local sports team, you may have coaching or leadership skills that you could highlight to a future employer. Similarly, if you blog as a hobby you may have excellent written communication skills.

Take some time to think about your transferable skills and look for where they may prove useful when you apply for jobs.

Article Added: 30/07/2015

Posted By: Paul Docherty