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What's the Real Purpose of Your CV (Resume)?

What's the Real Purpose of Your CV (Resume)?

Most job ads ask you to submit a Curriculum Vitae (or a resume if you're in North America). A Curriculum Vitae, or CV, as the latin name suggests, charts the course of your working life. In career terms, that's the jobs you've held, the achievments you've made and the training and education you've received.

But besides telling a hiring manager what you've done in your career, what use is a CV? What are you actually trying to achieve with it?

Your CV has one objective, and one objective only: getting you an interview. Your CV will never land you a job on its own. Every hiring manager will want to interview you and without an interview you'll never land the job. So your CV becomes a vital component in your arsenal for getting you that all-important interview. Sure, it's a reference both in and after the interview, but once you've had the opportunity of an interview, your CV becomes much less important. The interview is where you get the chance to sell yourself to the hiring manager and take your application beyond the few pages of your CV. In the initial stages of every job application process, getting the interview is your real objective.

That's why your CV has to make the best possible impression and must tell the hiring manager that you're the person for the job. Yes, the cover letter that goes with it is important, but ultimately it's your CV that will get you the interview.

In some of our upcoming articles, we'll look at what makes a great CV, how to tailor your CV to each role and what language to use when writing it. So keep coming back.

Article Added: 18/10/2015

Posted By: Paul Docherty