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Tailoring Your CV for Every Role

Tailoring Your CV for Every Role

It's really tempting to put lots of effort into having a single CV that you can use for every job application, knowing that the document you send is good quality, telling hiring managers about your experience and generally giving the impression you want hiring managers to get.

So if you can make a high quality CV that serves every job application, why would you want to tailor it for every individual job? The answer is simple, not all jobs or hiring companies are the same, so every CV you send can't reasonably be the same either.

Different companies place different emphasis on particular skills, knowledge or experience. Companies operating in different market sectors will describe their operations differently, using a different vocabulary. Even companies in the same sector can sometimes use different vocabularies to describe what they do and the processes they use to achieve their objectives.

It's important that your CV speaks clearly to a hiring manager, and to do so you'll need to communicate in a way they understand, using a vocabulary they recognise. This means that you will inevitably need to tailor your CV for every position. In simple terms, you'll need to ensure you've used the keywords from the job advert or role description in your CV so the person performing an initial assessment of your application can see immediate relevance.

After identifying the important skills, knowledge and experience for the job and through your other research, you need to emphasise and de-emphasise particular experience and skills so your CV demonstrates that you're a perfect fit for the exact job they're offering, not some generic version of the job that could have come from anywhere.

Using the same CV for every job is one of the simplest and most common mistakes that jobseekers make. By spending time tailoring your CV for every application, you'll increase the number of interviews you get offered, and since interviews are the real key to getting a job, you increase your chances of landing the job you really want.

Article Added: 30/10/2015

Posted By: Paul Docherty