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What About Going to Work to Help You Find Work?

What About Going to Work to Help You Find Work?

It may seem a ridiculous concept: going to work to find work, but what if going to work wasn't the traditional commute that we all know and love?
There's a phenomenon sweeping the world just now, and it's called 'coworking'. Some of you will have heard of it, and some of you won't. Coworking is an alternative approach to finding a place to work, that many freelancers and remote workers are employing. It's about working alongside other people just like you, who all operate in different or similar industries, for different companies, but occupy the same spaces - and crucially - network together.
Coworking spaces are popping up all over the world and each place generally offers a range of packages which usually include hot desk facilities. If you haven't heard of hot desking, this is where the coworking phenomenon starts to cross over into your job search and how you could benefit. Hot desking is when you only want a desk for a day or a few hours at a time - you're not there all day every day. When renting a hot desk, you generally only pay for the time you use, say, a few hours or part of a day but you get to mingle and network with the people who are there with you.
For a great explanation of exactly how hot desking can boost your job search, visit and read about how hot desking can be an effective part of your next job search strategy.

Article Added: 01/09/2016

Posted By: Paul Docherty