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Where to Find Government Jobs in the UK

Where to Find Government Jobs in the UK

Government jobs: it's a subject that's never out of the news but there's no doubt that getting a government job can be the start of a real and meaningful career for a great many people.
The range of government jobs in the UK is vast, but finding them isn't always easy. Many government departments operate semi-independently and their jobs are not always advertised together. The United Kingdom is made up of four nations, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and each nation is governed by different administrations, so jobs relating to central government in London are not always advertised with jobs for the devolved administrations in Belfast, Cardiff and Edinburgh. This can make it all the more difficult to find the best place to look for the government jobs you want.

To help you out, we've pulled together a list of places where you can see a large percentage of the government jobs in the UK. In many cases, you can apply on the same site. Remember to register on TheJobWorx and use your free account to track your applications and actions as you go.

UK Civil Service Jobs

If you're looking for government jobs in the UK, a great place to start is the Civil Service Jobs website, which is part of the platform. Searching will give you access to civil service roles right across the UK, including the HMRC tax authorities, the Scottish Government, regulators like Ofgem, and even The Forestry Commission.

Tip: Search by location and leave as many of the search fields blank as possible to see the widest number of roles available near you.

To find out more about working in the Civil Service in the UK, visit Working for the Civil Service where you can also find a description of the different routes into working with the Civil Service.

Local Government Jobs in England

Local government - councils and local authorities - is a bit more of a fragmented area. In England, local council jobs are normally listed on the website of the local authority concerned, so you may have to do some searching online to find the particular council you're looking for. Here is a starter list to help you get a feel for where to find local government jobs in England.

- Careers with Cornwall Council
- Lancashire County Council Jobs
- London councils' jobs
- Hammersmith and Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, and City of Westminster council jobs
- Newcastle City Council jobs

Your own local council will undoubtedly have a link on their website to allow you to search their vacancies, so find their site and go digging.

Government Jobs in Scotland

In Scotland, the situation is quite a bit clearer and more centralised. All local authorities in Scotland list their jobs on a single website. You can find every local government job in Scotland on the MyJobScotland website.

To find jobs specifically with the Scottish Government, take a look at their Work for Scotland site.

Government Jobs in Northern Ireland

Like Scotland, Northern Ireland seems to have a consolidated list of available jobs available. You can find it by visiting the Local Government Jobs NI website.

Government Jobs in Wales

We found a number of sources where you can see governmnt jobs available in Wales, working for the Welsh Assembly/Government.

- Jobs with the National Assembly for Wales
- Welsh Government job vacancies
You can also find more information about how Welsh Government recruitment works.

Government Jobs Related to Academia

Some academic jobs are government jobs in the public sector, or are at least related to, or funded by, government or public bodies. It's always worth a look at what is available. The leading site in the UK for finding these jobs is, which is run by the University of Warwick.

Other Government Jobs You May Not Have Thought About

There are a few agencies and organisations that are not strictly speaking, part of the structure of government, but which are managed as public bodies using public money.
Here are a few links to help you find some of these jobs that you might not have thought of:

- Transport for London jobs
- Strathclyde Partnership for Transport jobs
- Environment Agency jobs
- Scottish Environment Protection Agency jobs

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Article Added: 01/05/2017

Posted By: Paul Docherty