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Keeping your Job Hunting Phone Bill Under Control

Keeping your Job Hunting Phone Bill Under Control

When you're looking for work, your telephone inevitably turns into your best friend and almost becomes an indispensable part of your body. A committed work search will see you pounding the phone like never before as you talk to contacts, network with old friends and colleagues, and follow up on the (hopefully) many applications you've made.

High telephone usage can be expensive though, and most people looking for work are not generally in a position to tolerate much in the way of additional household expenses. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to control the costs and still get full use and benefit from your phone.

Use free mobile (cell) phone minutes
Most people nowadays have a mobile or cell phone of some kind. If you're on a pay-as-you-go deal, you might have to watch just how many outgoing calls you make, as the bill can mount up quickly.
Take a look at what deals are available from the various network suppliers and see what deals might be on offer that could be better value and allow you to use your phone more for the same money, or even less. If you have a monthly contract, you'll already be using the free minutes and data package that you're paying for. Switching to a value for money contract offering the same monthly outgoings as you currently pay to top up your PAYG phone might prove to offer better value for the money you pay, even giving you more talk-time and data in some cases.

Email is great for sending a message that doesn't need an immediate reply, or just for keeping people up to date. It's not as good for making contact with people directly to get your name in front of an employer. The phone is much better for this.
Look at the different types of contact you need to make with people and decide if any are appropriate to be done using email, and avoid making unnecessary calls, but try not to use email when the phone would clearly be more effective.

Skype contracts
If you're not familiar with Skype, it's high time you took the step of registering. Skype is an internet-based communications system allowing you to make voice calls and send instant text and video messages to people you're in contact with.
Voice calls are made over the internet using Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology, and if you're calling another Skype user on their computer over the internet, it's free to use.

You can also call landlines and mobile phones if you need to, using Skype. These calls will cost you money but there are deals to be had. Skype offer some great value packages, allowing you unlimited domestic and international landline calls for a very small payment every month, usually much less than you would pay for your landline or mobile calls, especially when your usage is high during a job hunt.

Get yourself a cheap USB headset and you can sit at your computer making calls hands-free, allowing you to take notes and update TheJobWorx with the outcomes and tasks as you go.

Job clubs and assistance organisations
Public bodies and agencies that are focused on helping people find their way back to work are usually able and happy to offer assistance with phone use. Many public organisations and charities can give you access to telephones for your job hunting, so you don't incur unaffordable costs. Look out for such groups or agencies in your local area that may be offering help to job seekers and ask what assistance they can offer with phone calls. With a bit of planning, you may be able to get the use of a telephone for free on a regular basis. If so, make the most of your planning tools, and get your to-do lists and contact details from your TheJobWorx account up to date and ready, so you have all your information to hand when the telephones are available.

Article Added: 31/03/2014

Posted By: Paul Docherty